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  • Q : What is SSH and the function for ?
  • A : the sense and functions of SSH please click here.
  • Q : What is VPS and teh function for ?
  • A : the sense and functions od VPS please click here.
  • Q : How about using SSH ?
  • A : using SSH, you can pick Bitvise SSH Client software and Proxyfier to support Bitvise.
  • Q : Where can I find the Bitvise SSH Client Software and Proxyfier ?
  • A : You can download Bitvise SSH Client and Proxyfier here.
  • Q : What is SSHfree.Net ?
  • A : To find out about us please click here.
  • Q : Does SSHfree.Net provide tools or the tricks for each provider ?
  • A : We do not provide tools or tricks for each provider, we only provide free SSH and additional tool to use it.
  • Q : So, does SSHfree.Net created for ?
  • A : You can create and use account for SSH here its free. For purposes such as: Tunneling, browsing annoymous, free access to all web site without affraid about the blocking from the provider or etc for the users.
  • Q : Does SSHfree.Net sell the premium SSH account ?
  • A : No, we give you all for free and our SSH account is a premium account but we have the limit for each account that you created.
  • Q : How many days of SHHfree.Net SSH account can be used ?
  • A : In every server we have provided, the account that you created is active for several day.
  • Q : How to contact SSHfree.Net ?
  • A : You can open a contact page that already provided click here

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