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About Us

SSHfree.Net is a website providing for free SSH and you can make the VPS Server which you want. Every server will be have limit day and the amount for usage of access, we already show in each server. You can also comment or to show results of the speed test server that you use via your facebook account without having to login or register in our website here. And the other services that you can use such as a speed test, host to an IP etc. Because every server is for the public. So, we would suggest for the users SSH make the abuse the SSH account, therefore we determine to:

    1. No Hacking
    2. No DDOS
    3. No Torrent
    4. No Re-Upload or No Re-Post
    5. No Spam

We give some advice for this SSH is for tunneling or browsing anonymous and each other activity that it all for personal or common business. SSHfree.Net design is very responsive, so you don’t have to worry about to access our website. You can access our website by any media without must to download an application from playstore, you only need to type the URL SSHfree.Net from your media.

To understand about our media screen website is very easy. So, if you a beginner don’t be afraid to understand about our website. We can also give the translation language menu that it all have join together with www.translate.google.com. If there are any advise you can call us at the contact page. And you can also give some comment in the comments page via Facebook or Twitter. That made for users of SSHfree.Net. Thanks for reading and understand us. Don’t forget visit each page in SSHfree.Net.

By : SSHfree.Net.

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